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McGeeks Mechatronics Private Limited

McGeeks Mechatronics Private Limited is a young med-tech startup recognized by DPIIT. Which is determined to solve the problem of bone replacement through the development of low cost 3DPrinters capable of replicating actual human bones. We have designed the printers and selected the biomaterials, which is doing exceptionally good in the domain.

We also develop low-cost customized CNC machines for rapid prototyping of products, developing research methodologies, and automation advancement. We also empower people with the latest machines and augmenting tools and provide workshops, which, in return, generates employment and thus uplift the automation sectors.

We at BioNest, BHU will develop the CNC Machines for the manufacturing of dental implants and the customization over dental implants. We’ll be developing the additive manufacturing process for the printing of bone grafts and a special machine for grafts using the biomaterials.

We are currently into the development of CNC Lathe/turning machine for the manufacturing of dental implants. We have setup the parts for the machine and we are into the purchase of electronics and motion parts for the machine.

iOligos Technologies Private Limited

iOligos Technologies Private Limited is a health-tech innovation services company utilizing new age technologies and experience of research in lab. To this end, we have partnered with various IITs, hospitals and companies across the globe and helping them create data analytics software using advance technologies i.e., artificial intelligence, machine learning. To create a pool of skilled man power, we have partnered with IIT Guwahati and RFR foundation, Nagpur to conduct master classes, webinars and workshops. We are also developing safe human centric digital health platforms with multiple channels, integrations and self-learning for various diseases including mental health.

At BioNest, BHU, we are developing a screening and monitoring tool for cognitive decline in various forms of dementia. This will be an intelligent digital-health platform augmenting general physicians, paramedical staff and individuals and provide them 1st level scaled-up screening capacity addressing scarcity of “Neuropsychiatrists” and “Neuro physicians” in India and worldwide.

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exRNA Therapeutics Private Limited

exRNA Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging drug development company, committed to finding a possible cure for certain autoimmune diseases.  We focus on specific techniques, such as Extracellular RNA (exRNA) based therapies that can help accelerate the discovery of a novel therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers.
We are constantly devoting our time and resources to the research and development of a reliable, non-toxic, long-lasting, and cost-effective therapeutic solution for incurable, complex, and globally prevalent autoimmune diseases.
At BioNEST-BHU, we are carrying out certain experiments required for the product characterization of our potential drug molecule. We take this association as an opportunity to support our data validation and also be able to support our research works so far. Moving forward with lots of in-depth research and experimental projects we have now been able to achieve successful, stable, and active in vivo and in vitro results for various diseases like Psoriasis, Asthma, and Chronic Hepatitis to name a few.

Freshily 19 Agri-tech Private Limited

Freshily 19 Agri-tech Pvt. Ltd. is working to solve the challenges small farmers face while adopting chemical-free farming. The company is working in the district of Unnao, Uttar Pradesh to solve the following issues related to organic farming

  • Some farmers started organic farming, but they failed as there was no dedicated platform where they could market their produce
  • Lack of Infrastructure linkage to their post-harvest produce
  • Trust between farmers and health-conscious consumers over the traceability of organic produce

At BioNEST-BHU, Freshily 19 Agri-tech Pvt. Ltd. is working for the detection and management of aflatoxins in groundnut, and the prevention of infections in groundnuts while storage and transportation. Freshily 19 Agri-tech Pvt. Ltd. is developing aflatoxin-free fortified peanut butter & cattle feed from ground waste.

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